Today was a happy one indeed. Tony & Bethany’s love story is epic. Bethany remembers seeing an unassuming Tony walking the halls of her high school. I couldn’t help but wonder if she could have imagined then the two of them at the altar one day. Today, as Bethany gazed in Tony’s eyes while he made his promises to her, my thought faded. I found myself forgetting where I was as I listened intently to the honest and authentic vows made by each. I particularly enjoyed watching Tony throughout the day. The range of his emotions could be expected, but the way he savored each of the moments was truly special. I could almost anticipate him cherish each memory…He did a good job trying to hide it, but I saw right through him.

We are honored and excited to share this story. Tony & Bethany, we are thankful you invited us to be a part of this day and we are excited to see the mark you make on the rest of the world.