Emily and I met early on in the engagement and I can honestly remember breathing a sigh of content after she walked out the door. We had so much fun just sitting and chatting about life, the wedding, work, and of course John – who was back in Texas with the Air Force at the time. We became instant pals and that made awaiting the early winter wedding day at the stunning A’bulae all the more worth it.

Today was a perfect mix of intense goofiness and subtle love. Emily cracked us up about every four or five minutes, and John and his men were as manly as they come. We were blessed with great cloud cover and good light; and though the November air was crisp, it was just mild enough for us to play a bit outside. John is totally in love with Emily. The two have a playful banter that describes them perfectly. After each little encounter between the two comes a genuine smile, a look that digs deep into each other’s hearts and then finished off with a perfect kiss. But heck, why don’t you just watch for yourself.

John & Emily, life is better after getting to meet you and spending the whole day celebrating your wedding with you. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.

John & Emily's Extended Video