There are always a few people in this world that you think, “Yep, I am sure glad I met them.” Joe & Alaina are definitely part of that group for us. Alaina is so very intentional with all of her relationships. At first, we thought we might just be her video guys, but, in a subtle way, she demanded our friendship and we were more than happy to give it to her. Joe seems to be the same way. With his cunning smile and warm heart, he just makes you feel right at home while talking with him.

As the wedding day grew near, our excitement to spend the weekend in Duluth grew. Joe & Alaina met at a restaurant in Duluth and to say, “the rest is history” would just be a shame. These two are head over heels for one another and every time I looked at them, they were stealing another kiss from each other. So much fun to watch. Joe knows he has a catch and Alaina gets that giddy smile when she looks deep into Joe’s eyes.

You both are gift to be around and I promise you, if we asked everyone that knows you, they would agree. Thank you for sharing this day with us. We are so excited to share these moments with you.