Philip & Heather are one of those couples that when we met them, it was hard to tell they weren’t already married.

These two have such a mature and confident love for one another. They just love life to its fullest and soak in every moment. Well, of course, there was no changing that today. As all the details came together, Paradise Landing in Balsam Lake grew more and more beautiful, just as Heather planned it.

While they’re both fairly soft-spoken, seeing them open up, laugh and enjoy it all with their closest friends and family was a true treat. We left with the fullest of hearts as the two became one with an intentional and joyful ceremony. I think the reality of “forever” sunk in for Philip when he saw his beautiful bride walk down that isle. All in a good way, of course, because I could tell he would have rather been no where else then right there awaiting her.