Last year, as I was navigating the drive in another Minnesota snow storm, my cellphone rings. I answer, as I was stuck in traffic anyway, and on the other end of the conversation is Austin, calling from Texas. He says to me, “We love your work and how you tell a story. Do you want to come to Aspen and shoot our wedding?” I tried to remain cool, calm, collected and professional while replying, “Of course!” but it’s a good thing it wasn’t a Facetime call. Austin may have changed his mind seeing my fist pumps and happy dance in my car. If I had known then how special this weekend would be, I think I would have crashed the car.

In August, we traveled to Aspen, CO, where we met Austin and Leila for the first time. We noticed their work ethic and intentionality in planning and implementing their wedding. They focused on the moments that would make it special for them and their guests. Hence, the destination wedding in Aspen, CO. The mood throughout the entire weekend was one of complete joy. Austin and Leila soaked in every moment with the people they know and love. It was beautiful for us to witness the beginning of Austin and Leila’s new life and the love of their family and friends.

No big deal… we rode a gondola to get to the ceremony and reception site. I think if Leila could have, she would have literally disabled the gondola, stranded us all at the top, and partied until the sun came up over the mountains!

This day was epic.. from the scenery, to the first look, to Leila’s shoes, to the “I do’s!” We were beyond honored to film this wedding. As we made our way down the mountain, we finally had a moment to catch our breath and reflect on the weekend. Thank you, Austin and Leila, for the awesome privilege of telling the story of your love.

Austin & Leila's Extended Video