The long-awaited day finally arrived, and our excitement to experience this day with Cheyenne & Brandon grew with each passing day. Cheyenne and I traveled to Florida along with other media students from Crown College. And it was on this trip that Cheyenne met Brandon. They fell head over heels, and began their long-distance relationship in earnest. Until today, when they would take the step into marriage and begin a new chapter of their life…together.

Cheyenne’s heart is as big as they come with a goofy personality to match. Being the only girl with three brothers, she is also as fiery as they come. Brandon is one of the most intentional people I’ve met. His love for Cheyenne is unique and special. When I look at him look at Cheyenne, it makes me wonder if he could think of anything else.

We were blessed with amazing weather. The sun was just as happy as the guests. The outdoor ceremony, decorated elegantly by family, featured honest and sincere vows. As the day was fading, the sun kept its promise and set perfectly over Buffalo Lake. I consider it a sincere pleasure and joy to have shared this day with Cheyenne & Brandon. I cherish your friendship and cannot wait to read the next chapters of your love story.