DIY weddings are all the rage right now, but there is a difference between a DIY wedding and beautifully handcrafted wedding like this one. Each person involved in the preparation of this wedding possessed a deep focus for perfection as they each meticulously brought their piece to fit into this amazing picture of Nate and Jamie’s day. When the delivery of the flowers leaves me, a guy, speechless, then you know someone went above and beyond to make the day memorable. The entire day sparked with anticipation, not nervousness.

The women in the bridal party sipped their champagne and selfied on each other’s phone the entire time of getting ready. Nate remained calm, cool and collected yet focused on what this day meant for his future.

As the officiant introduced Nate and Jamie as the “world’s most newly married couple,” We smiled because we got to bring our piece to this beautiful picture of this day as well. Enjoy.