This mid-November day wasn’t quite sure what to do with itself. Winter was trying with all it’s brawn to break through but the sights and smells of fall were just barely hanging on and Brian & Sarah were determined to enjoy it.

Family and friends came from all over and everyone offered a hand to set the stage for a big day. No complaints just absolute joy and genuine laughter. It was almost as if Sarah had trained everyone to do exactly what she wanted. Brian, a bit anxious to see his bride, helped decorate Dellwood Country club hoping his soon-to-be bride would approve. She did. As he awaited to see her breathtaking dress, he shifted his weight a couple times and prepared himself for the moment. He turned and instantly relaxed as the wait was over. Brian wrapped his arms around his best friend, cracked a joke as we had come to expect, and relished the moment. The day raced on as the two found themselves on the dance floor, with all eyes on them, at first swaying to a favorite song and at last bringing the house down with an epic dance – just how they wanted it.


Brian & Sarah's Extended Video