Adam & Elle

Adam & Elle have an incredible story. They met, almost by accident, while they were both serving overseas. Adam was working in an office in Kuwait where Elle was mistakenly assigned. As they grew their relationship over the next several months in Baghdad, God clearly confirmed to both of them...

Santosh & Divya

We absolutely love when we have the opportunity to capture a south Indian wedding. Each celebration has a distinct and exciting feel to it and we always end up gushing 😍 over the mountain of epic footage that we have in the end! (324GB to be exact…) (more…)

CJ & Haley

There were so many sweet details that Haley and CJ brought together into their wedding day! Our favorite was moments after being pronounced husband and wife, they paraded all of their weddings guests down the street with handkerchiefs waving, horns and drums playing in a New Orleans-style Second Line! (more…)

Jordan & Rachel

Nashville has a very special place in our heart. We were married there, almost moved there and in December, we’re naming our son Nashville (just kidding about that last one). With so many great memories in the Music City, the opportunity to capture Jordan and Rachel's wedding was truly a...

Jamin & Melanie

Jamin & Melanie's wedding at Grand View Lodge was spectacular! These two live in Oklahoma but their wedding day had no shortage of up-north Minnesota love in it. They even gave each of their guests a baby blue spruce tree...ours have even grown a couple inches since we planted them!...

Kevin & Lisa

Nothing says "Destination Wedding in Mexico" quite like a beach ceremony, authentic mariachi band 🎸, piñata for the kids and surprise fireworks during the first dance! To top it all off, we got to see some cute little baby sea turtles 🐢 hatch at sunrise and make their way into...

Derek & Marissa’s Proposal

Back from Mexico just in time to capture Derek proposing to Marissa in Stillwater! Congrats you two! We cannot wait for your wedding this summer! 💍😆🎉 (more…)

John & Sammy

Regardless of the chilly weather here in Minnesota, we couldn't help but feel the warmth between John & Sammy as we finished up their wedding video. As we look back on that sunny September day, it's impossible not to smile at the sweet chemistry between these two! (more…)

Rishi & Priya

About a year ago, we captured Rishi & Priya’s epic wedding weekend. It was the first South Indian Wedding that we'd ever been a part of and we couldn't believe how fun and amazing the whole weekend was. COLOR, MUSIC, DANCING & TASTY FOOD! To top it all off, we...

Stephen & Kelsey

There are so many significant things we noticed when this writer and photographer were married. Spread throughout the jam-packed day and in the endless details, the thoughtfulness, complete joy and intentionality that Stephen and Kelsey put into planning their wedding was apparent and knew just how to tug at our...