In northern New Mexico, far off the beaten path, is a rustic escape called Corkin’s Lodge. It might be tough to find if you’re not looking for it, but that’s kind-of the point. When you’re getting married in a place this remote, you’re basically building your own venue, and that’s just what Trevin and Hadyn did. You couldn’t blame them, after you see the view. In an open field, at the base of the towering, 2,500’ Brazos Cliffs, these two officially committed their lives to each other in front of their closest family and friends.
Trevin & Hadyn were so fun to be around and honestly, there were times in the day where they were so lost in each others eyes that we thought they may have forgot we were there.

There were plenty of laughs, hiking, and cake, which they snuck into the kitchen and took a bite of before the reception began.  With one last evening hike around the pond, the sunset lit up the cliffs with a fiery glow, and for a moment it was almost as if we weren’t being eaten alive by mosquitos. Congrats Trevin & Hadyn! Thanks for inviting us along for your adventurous wedding!