Travis adores Molly; and once we met her, it all become clear why he fell so hard for her. Not only does Molly have a tender heart, she is brilliant and witty — all qualities Travis admires. Molly just can’t get enough of Trav’s charm. It was a few days after the new year so everyone was fresh and ready to celebrate the day. As the wedding plans took shape, Travis and his men decorated Rush Creek Golf Course to perfection. We think Trav was just trying to keep his mind off how anxious he was to see his bride.

When the time came, Molly came down the stairs to an awaiting Travis. As he turned and his bride was revealed to him, he was speechless. The rest of the day soared by as everyone enjoyed the party. We will never forget the moment when Molly promised her heart to Trav. Her words of promise were, “hand in hand, heart in heart.” Enough said regarding the day and Travis and Molly’s love… hand in hand, heart in heart. Thanks for sharing that moment with us, it was a joy to be a part of your wedding.