These two have giant hearts; not only for each other, but for everyone around them. After a couple hang sessions at our studio, we had a hard time getting them to leave! Forget the wedding, they just wanted to chill out and talk life – which is fine with us. Enter, a new friendship which had us counting down the days to this epic moment at Villa Bellezza in Pepin, WI.

Michael and I decided to head down a day early to get our bearings and take the edge off the drive. The night was rainy and quite damp. As soon as we got up, I took a look outside to thick fog – it was stunning! Harsh greens contrasted the white mist as thick clouds rolled overhead. The metro has nothing on Southern MN’s beauty! After a long round of golf, me and guys made our way to the winery. By this time, the sun started to shine and the heat began. None of this, of course, had an effect on Ginna who had been waiting for today for a long, long time.

The winery was immaculate and the staff at Villa Bellezza top notch, not to mention other rock stars we got to work with like Jeannine Marie and Jenna Lee. Sam and Ginna, a freight train could not have derailed this day. Heat, mosquitoes, thunderstorm, apocalypse, not even a grasshopper suicide bombing your dress. Ya’ll were getting married one way or another and we were overjoyed to ride along.