It’s about time we got to visit Semple Mansion. And it’s all because one day, we sat down with Matt & Mercedes and dreamed with them a wedding video that would lock this mesmerizing day away for all time. We were in very, very good company as Janelle Elise connected us with Matt & Merky and Sarah Trotter with¬†Lasting Impressions ran the show.

We fell instantly in love with these two. I don’t think I’ve encountered such genuine people before. Matt is a cop. And if you look hard enough you can tell he certainly carries himself like one. But the stereotype of a bitter cop would be the furthest thing from the truth. His heart for people is fascinating. Merky is as smart and cunning as she is goofy and captivating. I loved getting to know this power couple. Then, I met their families. And yes, the same qualities that shaped who Matt & Merk are today dwell in their families. And that combination mixed with the the absolute superstar vendors made for an unforgettable day. Enjoy.