The moment Jenna Kutcher introduced us to Eric & Stephanie, I knew we’d be in for a wild ride. Stephanie has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She is beaming with encouragement for all those around her. It’s one of the reason Eric fell so hard for her. And it’s the exact reason I felt like such family during this party in the early parts of June (otherwise known as the best season for the Upper Midwest.)

Eric loves Stephanie. That’s just the bottom line. He shows it in many ways but his signature move is to be the goofy man God created him to be. The whole day was filled with Stephanie’s giggles as she shook her head at her hero. These two planned a fantastic day with careful thought into both their experience and the experience of their guests. They even made room for their beloved dog Gabby.

Thanks for being our biggest cheerleaders. And giving us the opportunity to be a small part in your story.