We’re Michael & Becky

We were married in Nashville in October 2015

Michael first saw Becky at a wedding in 2013

Becky already had her eye on Michael back in high school.

We became the parents of Micah in December 2017.

Minnesota is our home.

We’ve collectively shot over 150 weddings.

Our Goals

To build genuine friendships with our couples.

To help you stay IN THE MOMENT on your wedding day!

To capture the little moments that happen between the big ones.

When we’re not shooting weddings…

…we’re probably hiking the trails of a state park or, if we’re lucky, camping somewhere in Colorado!

Becky’s favorite pastime is eating ice cream.

Michael can recite all the lines in The Lord of the Rings. 

Micah loves being snuggled and eating everything his little arms can reach.

Our Travel Goals

We’ve come up with our travel bucket list of all the locations we’d like to visit in our lifetime! These locations have views and cultural experiences that can’t be found in Minnesota.

We'd love to give you a deal!

If you are planning an event in one of these locations, how does a free video sound? For the cost of travel expenses (or at least pretty close), we can be there to capture all the fun that you and your guests have and check another one off our list.

What does it take?

– An adventurous couple!

– A destination wedding, elopement or proposal.

– Travel to any of these Bucket List Destinations (we are open to other places too!)


New Zealand

Banff, Canada

Scotland & Ireland



Newfoundland, Canada


Redwood National Forest

If you think we're cool on this website...

...just wait until we meet in person! If your plans are made or you're just looking for prices, let's start talking!